Welcome to The Dancing Pointe

I would like to welcome you to our dance studio. Dancing has been a family business since my mother, Helen Louise Peters, began teaching dance in the Western New York area at the age of 19. While still pursuing a Masters Degree in Dance, she opened her first dance studio. Back in those days, colleges did not have a major in dance study, so she independently achieved her Masters Degree by studying across the country and then presenting her thesis to her professors. Many students of hers have gone on to dance professionally and to become dance educators like herself. Three of her own children currently teach dance and acrobatics.

After studying dance at Point Park College in Pittsburgh, I joined my mother to follow in her footsteps. I was enamored by her energy (even at the age of 74), love for teaching, and love for her students. As one former student told me, Helen Louise taught her students more than just dance. She taught them to be ladies.

It is my goal to do the same for the many students who dance through our doors. Dance is a wonderful activity that teaches grace, poise, teamwork, showmanship, courage, and accepting and overcoming challenges. We are a non-competitive studio which focuses on dance education and technique. What happens each and every week in class is the most important part of the entire dance experience.

It is my hope to share the love of dance that my mother instilled in me and countless other dancers with all my students. I sincerely hope that my staff and I can make your experience a positive and fun one here at The Dancing Pointe.

Dancingly yours,

Kathy Peters-Konitsch